Artist’s Statement

Created in 2014, Rebecca Holt Jewelry makes unique, fashion forward collections that work with your budget. Rebecca’s mission is to make it possible for anyone to own quality, hand-made jewelry without turning to fast-fashion companies with unethical practices. If she can’t make it for you, she’ll connect you with someone who can! Rebecca’s work is inspired by the relationship between the geometric and the organic. She uses fossils, earthstones, and gemstones to create timeless statement pieces that are ethical and wearable.

Brass and Lacquered Brass Jewelry Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a piece of Rebecca Holt Jewelry! Here is a little guide to taking care of your new piece so it will last forever.


If your piece is brass, it will tarnish when exposed to oxygen just like sterling silver. This does NOT mean your piece is ruined or bad quality, it just means it needs some polishing! Pick up a Sunshine® Polishing Cloth for any tarnish on brass or silver, a regular silver polishing cloth won’t work the same on brass as it does silver. The tarnish will look dark brown and if it is a ring or bracelet it will wear off on your skin – polish the piece, and this will stop.  If the antiqued or raw brass chain on a necklace starts looking too dark brown/greenish, this also just needs a polish! It is tarnish buildup from oxygen.  Use the Sunshine® Polishing Cloth to polish this.  Store your brass piece in a air tight ziplock baggie to avoid any tarnish.

Lacquered brass:

Any treatment on metal will wear off eventually because our skin is oily. The lacquer creates a barrier from oxygen so the piece will not tarnish if left out, but if worn frequently for 6 months to a year (or more) the oils from your skin will wear this barrier off. If you would like your piece re lacquered, I can do that for you! If not, a simple polish with a Sunshine® Polishing Cloth will fix any tarnish.  Sunshine Polishing Cloths are available online anywhere, ebay/amazon…etc. 

Contact me for more information if you need!

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